VAG TPI 18.03



VAG TPI 18.03

 TPI – Technical Problem Information from automotive concern VAG (Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, SEAT)
If someone does not know, it is in these official summaries that information is provided on the problems known to the manufacturer and how to eliminate them. Including information about the current software versions for specific block models. In order not to mess up with updating the software of the unit, it is recommended to check with TPI.

The main amount of information is in Russian, English (UK), German and Czech, and also in Spanish for SEAT.

How to work with TPI

  1. Use Total Commander or another file manager
  2. Go to the “SRC” directory
  3. Select “file search” in the toolbar
  4. In the “with text” column, enter the SW-number (to search for firmware) of the block without spaces (or HW-block number, if we are looking for other information about technical faults). You can also check the boxes for text encodings
  5. The information is contained in the files “master.htm”, which can be opened with a regular browser


Year of manufacture: 2018
Version: 18.03
Language: Multilingual
Format: disk image (ISO) 5 700mb winrar parts


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