VAG Eeprom Calculators Collection



VAG Eeprom Calculators Collection

VAGdashCAN 5.29 – Windows 7 optimized; Magneti Marelli engine control units readable;
EDC15 bug fixed on KM writing,
INFO tool for part numbers inserted,
EDC16 letter improved;
A4 RB8 direct access
Visteon Golf V login determination, AUDI RB4 inclusive, Audi A3 2003 2004 inserted, EDC16 / Med 9.5 inserted, EDC16 KM write option, new functions; EDC15 stable; M73 extended,
A4 clone function; Me7 channels adjustable
VAGdashCOM 1.65 
HEX-DEZ Tool – hexadecimal converter
EEprom comparison tool – Tool for simultaneous comparison of any number of dumps
1J5 920 826 C dumps – Dump collection to try out the EEprom comparison tool
EDC15 Calculator – Tool to edit an EDC15 dump
EDC 15 dump – Sample dump for the EDC15 Calculator
EDC16 Calculator UPDATED – Tool to edit an EDC16 dump
EDC16 dump – Sample dump for the EDC16 Calculator
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