TOYOTA TechStream V15.00.026 Complete With The Keygen



Original developers price was 100 Euros, here you can get it for 7.99 Euros

TOYOTA Techstream V15.00.026 (02.2020) Reseller Pack with loader and the activator (keygen) for multiple and unlimited pc installation and activation. Now you can use the activator for a full software functions or if anything goes wrong, just use the loader. In any case you will have working software.

Software patch, drivers, user manual for mongoose interface and other manuals, calibration files for North America 2000-2018
Compressed size is 481 mb.

System requirements: WINDOWS 7/8/8.1/10 x32/x64
Will work with any Toyota Lexus supported VCI

Installation is the same as in the video guide. Please note, miss configuration may produce VIM error. Please note, the keygen may not work only if there is a problem with the Windows OS. In this case please use the loader or ask for the Virtual Machine image as the replacement (no refund).

Please read Techstream known bugs here

Follow activation procedure exactly as shown in the video guide!

Video guide for the activator

Video guide for the loader

Please note, standard calibration files update does not work, files have to be imported.
This is the reseller pack and so no support or refund is provided!


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