ETKA 8.1 International English Updated on 20.08.2022 Virtualbox Image



ETKA 8.1 English International Virtualbox image ready for download. Updated on 20.08.2022 and will not expire!

No more data updates available, the image will work indefinitely. But to use it for an unlimited time you will have to change the date in the image to 09.2022 every time you start it.

No usage restrictions, you can use it on as mane pc as you want and on any operating system!
Software is installed in English language and it can’t be changed!
No need to spend countless hours of waiting while software installs and updates. Just load the image and that’s it.
Native installation takes around 3 hours, updates download: around 7 hours, updates installation: around 12 hours, but with Virtualbox image you will avoid all of this.
No pc or windows compatability issues, as Virtualbox (free) runs on any Windows, MAC or Linux operating system.

Any operating system with the latest winrar version installed
2gb of ram
80gb of free hdd space
Virtualbox and its extension pack must be installed

Etka 8.1  VAG parts software for all: audi, seat,  skoda and vw.  This is the most comprehensive software for vw, audi, skoda, seat. Search by part number, chassis number. Everything complete with description and photos and even prices. Everything to the smallest screw is described with all diagrams. It contains all parts of every audi, vw, seat and skoda from 1960 to the present day. Everything including the smallest bolt is numbered, detailed and priced. Etka 8 is used by dealers to order parts and manage their customers data. Customer and vehicle data can be linked to the database to find vehicle specific parts. Look up your parts on chassis number. Updated up to / including production year 2018 – so also the latest models. – The latest price lists are included. – See d.m. Exploded drawings where each part (s) is located. – From now on, you can easily look up part number and prices yourself.

Note: VIN SEARCH DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK OR CAN GIVE WRONG INFORMATION with this version. No guarantee on long run updates, it may change depending on development.

Download and place all files to a single folder and extract using the latest version of winrar.

Load the image and start updates just like in the video guide. Last updates were tested on 20.02.2022

8 parts 4gb each (31.7gb) compressed with winrar

Do not update Etka itself, only the database and the price list! To keep it running forever, change the date back in the image to 06.2021 or to the month the last update was made.

Update video guide




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