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AlfaOBD with the keygen

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AlfaOBD is a software for the diagnostics of the vehicles produced by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) group.
Fiat / AlfaRomeo / Lancia cars produced in 1994-2023, and Chrysler / Dodge /Ram / Jeep cars of model years 2005-2023 are supported.
Although the software is primarily targeted for car owners, it provides many of the features of the professional scanners.
AlfaOBD natively supports Electronic Control Units (ECU) installed on the FCA group vehicles. The native support differs
AlfaOBD from many other diagnostic applications providing the OBD II generic support which only provides the access to the engine and transmission modules.
AlfaOBD features include:  monitoring various dynamic parameters of body, dash, code, engine, gearbox, ABS, climate control, etc. and graphical presentation as adjustable plots – reading of static data: ECU id, system status, fault codes with probable causes and environment information where applicable.
Clearing fault codes, monitoring the system for the appearance of new faults.
Active diagnostics and configuration procedures for various equipment controlled by engine, gearbox, body computer, climate control, ABS, airbag, code control and other ECUs. Electronic key and RF remote control programming.
Service light reset, engine oil change, DPF regeneration and many more.

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