Autodata 3.45 2014 Installation instructions only

Installation instructions guide for Autodata 3.45 in English ONLY !

TXT, PDF and Video

May not work on 64bit windows systems and newer laptops with security chips installed. Activation success ratio around 80{a8513d674d0734ad9924ee175a2ece12c93bc443a92dc6a6d1a923faea48b9a6} on win7 and 90{a8513d674d0734ad9924ee175a2ece12c93bc443a92dc6a6d1a923faea48b9a6} on winXP. Will not work if old version is or was present, in this case you will need to remove all traces of old software (files, registry etc) or reinstall windows. With newly installed windows software activation success will be very high.

If you follow the instructions properly you won’t have a problem.

To everybody getting “E0209 sentinel key not found” — When you paste your uuid into the keygen to create the licence.reg make sure you just use the last 8 digits (don’t use the 64 at the start of the number).

Error (must change regional to en-us)

If this error occur, change your regional settings to en-us.

Operating system:
Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8

If you are looking for the software itself, it’s still on the internet. It should take no more than a few hours of internet surfing to find it with server download and less than 30 min on torrents. 

There is 3.43 (2013) stable with easy install and 3.45 (2014) stable with difficult installation and unstable with easy installation versions available on the internet (torrent, websites, servers).



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